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Lincoln Nadauld M.D., PhD

Unraveling Your Genetics Through Precision Medicine

Dr. Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, is the Executive Director of Precision Medicine and Precision Genomics at Intermountain Healthcare. His team is extending the lives and improving quality of life for late-stage cancer patients locally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Nadauld helped to develop technologies at Stanford University that identify DNA changes in cancer to predict whether or not a targeted cancer drug might be effective for a specific patient. Originally, from Utah, Dr. Nadauld attended Brigham Young University for his undergraduate degree and went on to complete medical and doctoral degrees followed by an internship and residency at the University of Utah. He completed a clinical fellowship in medical oncology and PhD at Stanford University where he continues to be involved in research collaborations. He was awarded the prestigious Young Investigator Award by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Career Development Award of the National Cancer Institute. His research has been featured in many publications, including the Journal of Oncology Practice, a publication of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists.

Trent Staggs

Importance of City and Resident Collaboration

For almost 20 years, Trent has demonstrated the leadership necessary to run both successful start-up and Fortune 500 organizations in the Direct Sales, Finance and Technology industries. In addition to serving as the current Mayor of Riverton City, he also works on the advisory board of a publicly traded company, managing one of their operational units in Utah. Prior to that, he was on the corporate leadership team of a global direct sales company that operates in over 35 markets serving as the VP Technology. In that role, Trent was responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership of global integrated systems, software and IT infrastructure, which included the creation of mobile and web applications for their distributors worldwide. Trent has also held management positions for a nationwide mortgage brokerage firm and at Morgan Stanley, and has also had an active real estate license in the state of Utah for over 10 years.

Dr. Kevin Skinner

The Other Side of Infidelity

Dr. Kevin Skinner is a recognized leader and authority on sexually compulsive behavior, infidelity and trauma from sexual betrayal. He's a core faculty member of IITAP (The International Institute of Addiction and Trauma Professionals-https://www.iitap.com/about/) and Clinical Director and Co-Founder of Addo Recovery (addorecovery.com), a nationally sought out therapy brand that helps individuals and family with sexually compulsive behavior, infidelity and sexual trauma. In addition, he's the Clinical Director and Co-Founder of Bloom for Women (bloomforwomen.com), a global online community of thousands of women with sexual trauma, spanning over 15 countries. In addition, Dr. Skinner has Co-Founded Discover and Change, an assessment platform providing assessments specifically to those struggling with sexual trauma, sexually compulsive behavior and relationships.  Dr. Skinner's treatment is based on his own research stemming from more than 250,000 assessments and over 20 years experience. He's spent the last 15 years researching how sexual betrayal creates PTSD-like symptoms in the betrayed spouse. His latest research has exposed the traumatic impact that sexual harassment from those close to the individuals, the workplace and society has on individuals.  Dr. Skinner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, holds a PhD, and is a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist and Supervisor (CSAT-S). He also is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Dr. Skinner has authored, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal and Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery.  Currently, Dr. Kevin Skinner trains therapists from all over the world in Sexual Trauma. In 2017 alone he's trained hundreds of therapists throughout Europe and the United States.

Aubrey King

Single Mother Entrepreneurs Rise Up

Aubrey King’s diverse resume includes: medical weight loss, health and fitness, professional modeling, nutritional consulting, product formulation, athletics, motherhood and more. Her innovative ideas and solutions make it easy for people to get the results they really want. Whether that means losing weight, gaining energy and lean muscle or simply living without disease and slowing the aging process. Her continual awareness of health wellness came from her herbalist parents. After spending two years and thousands of hours as a former Barista — Aubrey used that critical time in her career to search out and work with top food chemists to perfect the coffee protein connection. She is uniquely qualified as an expert and lead ambassador of RISEUP Company —leverag-ing her unique upbringing. Her father is a well-known herbalist, formulator and published author.
You could say health, happiness, and wellness are in her DNA.
She has been featured on podcasts such as; Jessica Fillmore’s “Mother Entrepreneur” 3/29/2017, Mel Jensen’s “Mom-cast” 8/15/2017 and Jhonny K’s “Unleash” 10/16/2017.

Curtis G Marsh

Rise Above the Chaos

Father. Financial Adviser. Speaker. Best Selling Author of the new release, ‘Rising Above’. I've pressure tested life. Live full throttle. Love, Honor and Respect is my creed...
"What choices are you currently making in your personal and business life? Do they come with irrevocable blessings or consequences? Check yourself. Check your personal inventory and your 'WHY'. Check all of it often."
Usually described by others as a Wall Street Tradin', Harley Ridin', Rock and Roll Cowboy, Curtis G Marsh is the founder of Capital Growth Management Inc. where he is President and CEO with charity and foundation fundraising as a division through his company. Curtis G Marsh is passionate about his charitable work through Muscular Dystrophy Association, Anasazi Foundation, Salt Lake Community College Planned Giving Advisory Council, Red Cross and Make A Wish. Through all his charitable endeavors, Marsh has become one the largest individual fundraisers for charity in the country. He has learned through his personal experiences working with charities, that we are the receiver when we give to others.
As the youngest financial consultant ever hired by Shearson-Lehman Brothers, Curtis won the Rookie of the Year Award. From there, he's built on his rookie success working in investment management, estate planning and insurance. He's conducted more than 1,000 corporate seminars for major corporations, and he's responsible for successfully building the Janus Advisor Funds and distribution worldwide.
After a successful retirement at the age of 43, Marsh spent the next two years misaligning choices that ultimately lead to a pinnacle point in 2008 where he lost everything: personal, financial, business, gone from the reality he had known. From there, Marsh learned the power of realigning his focus back to his core values and in doing so, effectively created a new formula for finding order within the chaos of life: Rise Above the Chaos.
Curtis has built a 31-year career on relationships. His professional experience covers a wide range of the financial industry, but what he really values are the people he's met along the way. The people Curtis does business with are more than clients, they become family. Marsh has been blessed with many great friends made along life’s journey by living life "full throttle" and by approaching life and the people he meets with the creed of: Love Honor and Respect to all. Curtis G Marsh currently resides in Farmington, Utah. He's the father of two lovely daughters. When he's not spending time with them, you can find him speaking to the country's youth or riding his Harley.

Deanna Kepka

We have a vaccine that prevents cancer. Yes. Prevents Cancer.

Deanna Kepka, PhD, MPH, is a Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) investigator and an assistant professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Utah. She is a member of the Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS) research group. Kepka is the Founder and Director of the Intermountain West HPV Vaccination Coalition and is the Director of Global and International Health for the College of Nursing at the University of Utah. Kepka’s main research interests are the gaps in health care access and quality for vulnerable populations. She focuses specifically on preventing HPV-related cancers in the Intermountain West. Utah has one of the lowest rates of completion of the HPV vaccination series in the country, and Kepka’s work with CCPS and the College of Nursing intends to develop more effective patient-provider interventions that will help increase this rate. She is also dedicated to improving health care services for cancer prevention and control among rural, minority, and other underserved populations. Kepka has worked with teams in at-risk communities, promoting positive health behaviors in Jamaica, Chicago, North Carolina, and Washington. Since 2007, she has worked with Hispanic and Latino communities in Mexico, Peru, Chicago, North Carolina, and Washington. She has also developed a radionovela (a Spanish short story broadcast) that successfully improved knowledge and sparked interest in the HPV vaccine among rural Latino parents in the United States. Kepka was most recently a postdoctoral fellow in the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, where she received the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Merit Award. She received her PhD in health services from the University of Washington School of Public Health and her MPH in health behavior from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Colin & Riley Neilsen

Most People Live in 2D, Some Live in 3D. Everyone Should Live in 4D.

Colin and Riley Nielsen are brothers whose struggles divided them for many years. Through trials and life experiences they grew closer and decided to make their mark on the lives of people struggling to find themselves, thus Life Decided was born. LD was the product of overcoming struggle, Colin having a kid at 15 years old and Riley far from being his true self. Their paths were different but their decision to live life rather than let life live them was the catalyst to bring them together. Their decision to Live Life Decided is a decision that everyone has to make at some point along the way. This decision is a progressive happening that will carry everyone along the path of true personal success. Thousands of people follow their growth and are affected by their message of living the 4D principles.

Lunch! 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm.

Shawn Wickard

Impossible Is Somebody Else's Opinion

Shawn C Wickard was stricken with an unknown spinal disease at the age of 27 that eventually left him paralyzed chest down for seven years. During that time, and in between, seeking out doctors who could diagnose and treat him, Shawn threw himself into athletics and community involvement. He raced hand cycles and dabbled in other sports while becoming active in the disability community as a voice for those seeking inclusion and equality as Chairman of the Higher Education Committee in the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities. He also served as an Executive Board member and eventually served as President of the Utah Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America. He also served as a Councilman in his local community. In 2005, he became the first person at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland to receive a novel stem cell transplant for Lupus and the sixth person in the world who also had a spinal disease called Transverse Myelitis. While he was not supposed to regain the ability to walk again, he persevered to overcome his paralysis and achieved the impossibility of walking again. Today he is walking full time with the aid of a walker with the hope of being able to walk without any aid. He is the author of Impossible, Or So They Said and is involved as a contributor for an upcoming book on his experience in healing from trauma. He has spoken to local youth groups, the State prison, youth detention facilities and local businesses to teach and encourage others in their ability to overcome their impossible.

Coach Ron McBride


Since 1990, Coach Ron McBride (Coach Mac) has been an icon in the state of Utah. He used to mold young men on the field, and now he helps mold young minds throughout the state. Former University of Utah Football Coach, founded the Ron McBride Foundation in 2017, but it all began when Coach Mac and Coach Lavell Edwards came together with a common goal: improve education in Utah.

Ginger Johnson

Chasing After Miracles

Ginger Johnson is an international speaker, author, mentor and 2x stage 4 metastatic breast cancer survivor. For over 11 years, she has been an active advocate promoting greater hope, health and happiness in the cancer community and world abroad. Originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, when 31 years old and 5 months pregnant, then re-diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4 metastatic disease, Ginger is no stranger to adversity. Through her optimism, enthusiasm, faith, resiliency, solution mindset and make-it-happen determination, Ginger has been called the 'quintessential connector', 'a hope giver', and 'a force of nature'. In 2017, she received news that the stage 4 cancer, which had previously been in her lung, spine, skull, bone and lymphnodes had all been ‘resolved’.

​​Ginger has been featured on a variety of media outlets including NBCNews.com, USAToday, StandUp2Cancer, iHeart Media, Everyday Health and in magazines such as Real Simple, Breast Cancer Wellness, Coping with Cancer, Wildfire and many more. Her image and story circled the globe in 2010 as she was featured with fellow survivors on the back of the Cheerios box as part of a General Mills and Susan G. Komen initiative.  Ginger is now on a mission to share what she has learned to help others discover greater meaning, purpose and direction in life.

Stormy Simon

Doing It Wrong

Stormy Simon has a unique story and background. Becoming a mother at 17 and divorced by 21 she found herself having to rely on welfare. Although she never acquired a formal education, and as a single mother she was able to prove herself as an e-commerce innovator, pioneer, and proven business leader. She joined Overstock.com in 2001 as a temp employee, and ultimately became President in 2014. During her tenure, Overstock became a top 25 e-tailer by traffic and grew to nearly $2B in revenue. Under Stormy’s leadership, Overstock was recognized by numerous associations; 4 consecutive years for Mobile Web Awards, multiple Customer Care awards, including top 4 ranking in the AMEX/NRF Customer Choice. In 2014 the company was named to Forbes’ list of “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies”. In 2016, she was personally named “Power Player” by the National Retail Federation’s “The List - People Shaping Retail’s Future”, and awarded Top Innovator by Utah Women in Tech awards in 2015. She’s proud that during her presidency the female seats at the executive table increased to 33%. In summer 2016, she stepped down as President of Overstock to explore the emerging cannabis industry. She is currently consulting in e-commerce and serving on the Advisory Board for CannaKids, and KIND Financial, and is a Director on the Board of High Times.

Steve Woody

Human Spacesuit

Stephen Woody has served as Avadim Technologies Chief Executive Officer since September 2013. Previously, he was the founder and managing member of Avadim LLC, the predecessor to our Company. Since 1997, Mr. Woody has assisted more than 30 companies with regulatory support and strategic planning necessary for their launch of new or modified medical devices. Mr. Woody started his career in the medical device field at Medical Action Industries, Inc. in 1985 where, during his 13 year career in quality and business development, the company grew from $3 million to $75 million. Using his expertise in medical device development and management, Mr. Woody launched Integrated Quality Systems in 1997, an organization focused on launching new medical devices into the health care sector. In 2004, he founded G3 Medical, which focuses on manufacturing, packaging, and sterilization services along with quality system management. In 2006, Mr. Woody formed Avadim LLC which was later acquired by Avadim Technologies. Mr. Woody completed a degree in mathematics in 1989 at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

LaVonne Wells Sandberg

Life After Life

LaVonne Wells Sandberg is a Speaker, Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher. Her workshops include: From Sadness to Celebration TM aka “Life After Life”, and Connections & Insights. C & I is a monthly gathering for people to ask questions in order to gain a better understanding with regard to their personal life experiences. As ‘the Spiritual Teacher’ LaVonne has made it her life’s work in providing systems for women and men in creating JOY in this lifetime. Another aspect of her incredible work is called “Life After Life” it emerged as a result of the despair experienced through the loss of her daughter Kiva. It inspired LaVonne to assist others in expressing sorrow through empowering instead of limiting ways while allowing the action of healing to commence. Her ability to connect to spirit while providing compassionate understanding and insightful shares during a time of need makes LaVonne’s services a rare find. She helps individuals move forward in a positive way by allowing the process to simply unfold naturally, as it should. LaVonne recognizes we hold all answers within ourselves but acts as a catalyst to help women and men find clarity and awaken resolutions that currently lay dormant. Her intuitive abilities began as a child who experienced many challenges yet worked through them with the full acceptance she was never alone. Now she hopes to instill this same knowledge in everyone. Although she provides private insightful life jamming sessions, her real passion lay in the classes she teaches. Her clients learn how to connect to spirit themselves and no longer require a ‘go between’. She adamantly enjoys watching the delightful way life begins to unfold as a result of people becoming more tuned in to him or herself.

Dave Blanchard

Enemy #1: Self-Sabotaging Internal Dialogue

Dave Blanchard is the CEO of The Og Mandino Leadership Institute. He has delivered over five hundred speeches everywhere from Boston to Budapest—literally. His audiences include entrepreneurs, sales and marketing teams, business executives, health professionals, college and professional athletes, college students, couples, and teachers. Dave’s presentations are always fun, engaging, warm, and riveting. Dave has a gift for inspiring people to be their very best. He is entertaining but this is not about entertainment.
  Dave is the best selling author of three books, Today I Begin a New Life—Intentional Creation, The Observer’s Chair—The Miracle of Healing Self-Esteem, and Equanimity—Conquering Mt. Entrepreneur. In addition, Dave created the Habit Finder™ Profile and related coaching material, the Intentional Creation Assessment, and the InterviewIC Assessment, which is used by companies during their hiring processes.
  Over 100,000 individuals have completed the proprietary Habit Finder™ Profile: www.habitfinder.com. The profile is a proprietary application of the formal science of axiological mathematics and Cantor's Transfinite Calculus. It measures with laser accuracy a person's habits of thinking and presents the results in an easy to understand format. Dave has personally debriefed over 6,500 profiles and coached over 4,000 clients. It is fair to say Dave knows more about how people think and the impact it is having on their lives than almost anyone on the planet.
Along with his responsibilities as a CEO and a full coaching and consulting practice, Dave is also writing the screenplay for the feature film, The Greatest Salesman in the World and writing two new books, Adore Me—What Every Woman Wants A Man To Know and The Enough Principle-- How to Create Really Big Dreams.
Dave prizes one thing above all else and that is Ramona, his sweetheart of 43 years. They share a “storybook” love and have raised seven children and currently have twenty-seven grandchildren.
Dave is honored to be invited to participate in TEDxRiverton. He is coming to serve and create value.

Afternoon Break 2:30 - 2:45 pm

Soul Cole

The Unique OPPORTUNITY to Create Opportunities...Strive to Facilitate Others' Shine

Owner, CEO/President, Founder of Truly Versatile Entertainment, Inc. (three-division entertainment production S-Corp: record production, video production, live entertainment services)
Professional Vocalist, MC, Recording Artist, DJ, Event Host
Former Hollywood Radio Personality & Executive Producer for 10 years
Former Columbia Records A&R Dept. staff member (Sony Music)
Former Louis Vuitton salesperson (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Graduate of American University 2004 (Washington, D.C.) double major - International Affairs - Peace/Conflict Resolution & International Development
Future Architect of World Change... ;-)

Robynn Eccles

The Power of Being Wrong

Robynn Eccles is passionate about changing people’s lives through real estate. Her radiant personality and care is evident in her commitment to business, family, fierce collection of heels and favorite football team (despite said football team’s ability to break her heart every season since the early 90’s)
As the founder of the Eccles Group affiliated with Coldwell Banker, Robynn led her team to be honored among the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents internationally. The Eccles Group continues to be a rising force in their local market, consistently being recognized as one of the top 5 teams in Utah.
Robynn serves as part of the Zillow Agent Advisory Board and is a sought-out advisor and speaker for organizations worldwide. Robynn has shared her expertise on topics such as leadership, negotiation, and time management with top ranked coaching organizations, vendor partners and brokerages around the globe.
Thousands have been inspired by the business and personal success Robynn achieved while managing a catastrophic series of life altering crises and have implemented the strategies she shares to create their own success stories.

Jeff Christensen

Modern Networks, Innovation, and Cities

Jeff Christensen is the President of EntryPoint Networks where he oversees research & development, business development, customer service and strategic partnerships. EntryPoint provides a Software Defined Network Management Platform designed to make broadband networks open to competition and innovation. Christensen is also the Principal Investigator for a U.S. Department of Energy Grant on Edge Intelligence for Virtualization and Security in Open Networks. Christensen was formerly the Chief Operating Officer for FVTech, and V.P. of Operations at Emdeon. Christensen has a B.S., degree in Psychology from the University of Utah (1988) and a M.S. degree in Human Resource Management / Organizational Behavior from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University (1991).

Bradley Wolgamott

Increase Your Capacity

Over 20 year ago, I was simply a young man with a dream. I wanted to be able to provide for my family and do something significant with my life. I found a mentor who helped shape an early belief system that through hard work and perseverance I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. After 10 years I found myself making over a million dollars a year and speaking all around the world. I had everything most men could ever dream of. I had a wife, kids, fame and fortune. Unfortunately I hadn’t developed the character required to live in a way that could sustain these blessings. I made some terrible choices and it cost me nearly everything. Words cannot begin to explain the shame and condemnation that I felt for the years following the epic event of a divorce. I lost my family, friends, and fortune. It was in these darkest moments that I realized that I needed to make some changes. I had to look deep inside myself and ask myself who am I, how did I get here, and what do I need to change to restore my life. It’s been a long challenging 5 years of developing a new self-image of who I am, why I am here and then making the necessary changes in my life to honor who I believe God created me to be. I was told by many that I would never be able to impact people’s lives in a positive way as a result of the choices I have made. I now know that God uses all things for the greater good. Clearly it was not his wish for me to make the choices I made, but when I did he took me through a restoration process that now I believe I am called to help others either avoid or recover from similar decisions. On November 11th, 2013 I was remarried to the woman who is greatly responsible for leading me to and through my restoration process. Shelly Proudfoot-Wolgamott and I have spent a lifetime of studying excellence and grace. I believe for the rest of our lives we have been called to help people discover God’s perspective of them and how important it is build a relationship with our loving father. I would like you to know that you are loved, forgiven, and promised a life of favor. I hope that I can get to know you in a way that you can trust me enough to let me help you discover your true identity and greatness.

Michelle McCullough

Dreams and Despair: Allowing Success and Adversity to co-exist

Michelle McCullough started her first business when she was 19 and currently runs 3 companies including consulting businesses all over the world. She's the author of 5 books including, "Make It Happen Blueprint" and "The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs". A seasoned speaker and former corporate sales trainer, Michelle teaches success principles and leadership insights that help boost employee engagement and higher performance. In addition to running her own consulting businesses, Michelle is the managing director for Startup Princess, listed by Forbes as “One of the top 10 resources for Women Entrepreneurs”. She’s worked with top brands like Visa Small Business, UPS Store, AWeber and more. She’s spoken for the Air Force Reserve, Goldman Sachs and Ancestry.com, among others. She’s been featured in entrepreneur.com, in the 40 under 40, Fox TV and has been interviewed for television and radio over 100 times, including Good Morning America and The Today Show. She was recently named in the Top 100 Small Business Influencers with Inc Magazine, Michael Gerber and Grant Cardone. Her own radio show “Make It Happen” has over 1 million downloads.

William Murdock

Find Your Own Calcutta

William Murdock is the co-founder and CEO of the Eblen Charities and the Eblen Center for Social Enterprise. A graduate of T C Roberson High School, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and Mars Hill College. He also is a graduate of the Duke University non-profit management program the Harvard Graduate Business School and the John F. Kennedy School of Government non-profit management program Stanford University Institute for Social Innovation and has served as an instructor for the Duke University program and has served on and consulted with, numerous local, state and national organizations. Bill has authored several books and has had published numerous articles in national magazines. His books include Brisco-The Life and Times of NCAA and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco, Nikita-A Tale of the Ring and Redemption, The Inklings at Chritmastide, In the Final Analysis- Mother Teresa’s Enduring Message to All Who Serve, As I See It- Thoughts on Kindness in Action, and the best-selling Find Your Own Calcutta- Living a Life of Service and Meaning in a Selfish World. He has been named an outstanding scholar in social enterprise by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge England, and the Eblen Children’s Pharmacy has won national acclaim from the Peter F. Drucker Award for the Eblen Children’s Pharmacy in 2001 for being the most innovative nonprofit program in the country. Eblen’s work has also been featured globally including the New York Times and PBS World News. He was inducted into the International Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2007 and named Outstanding American being inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2017. Murdock is also a Mother Teresa Global Prize for Peace and Leadership Laureate along with Dr, John Maxwell being awarded in 2014.

Thank you for attending 4:30 p.m.