About TEDxRiverton Organizer

It was a dream to host a TEDx event when I was 30 years old... I pursued that dream after a breast cancer scare, meeting decision-makers at TED in their New York office. I was granted a license to host TEDxBountiful, and hosted the event exactly one month (January 18, 2012) after having surgery to remove not one, but two lumps. They were benign, so my health was clear, but I am glad that a little fear was the catalyst to follow my dreams.

The inaugural 2018 TEDxRiverton 'Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do' was amazing for our community. 2019 Infectious proved to be bigger, better, and bolder. In our third year, the theme is WILD.

2019, Infectious, is inspired by all of those working every day to make a difference. Changing the world around them with a new medical device, entertainment, and bright light. It will be compromised of all things that are infectious ideas worth spreading that can make a difference.

2020 is WILD -

Wild is a state of being, releasing, allowing, and becoming.

What I love about TED and TEDx is the fact that it makes the uncomfortable, comfortable. Ideas worth spreading that blow the walls out of boxes or open your eyes to see things in a different light. It’s not about agreeing, it’s about exploring and learning something different, and saying wow - I never thought about that.

Boxes can’t stay taped up forever. Corners get damaged, sides get crushed, and things get broken. In order for change to occur, something has to break. TED Talks inspire change or movement, bringing like-minded people together to start talking and creating.

I’m excited about what is to come this June 2020 in my hometown in Utah. I’d love to see you there, and if you feel you have an idea worth spreading feel free to apply to be a speaker at this upcoming event.

I dare you to follow your WILD.

From my wild to yours,

Mandy Murry

Mandy Murry is a writer, sought-after keynote speaker, author, and marketing consultant helping brands & CEO's tell their stories & inspiring audiences with her 3x cancer story.

Her captivating storytelling adds magic to destinations, cuisine, experiences, products, culture, and health & wellness features. Her ability to connect with people is as contagious as her passion for life and cloudsurfing (aka flying/traveling).

When not traveling, she can be found sitting on her porch with their dogs sharing a glass watching sunrises and sunsets in the mountains of Western North Carolina, just outside of Asheville.